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Check out some of our residential and commercial heating, air conditioning and heat pump installations.

Residential Installs

Furnace Installation – We take pride in our sheet metal work and installations. Any exposed ducting we install will be hard metal ducting.

XL14c heat pump pkg unit – Package heat pump installed with new roof curb and air tight plenums.

XB 13 Air Conditioner – New system installation

XL19i Air Conditioner – 5 ton XL19i split system air conditioner

XV90 Furnace – Furnace installed in hall closet with zoning. This customer loves how quiet the furnace is.

Furnace in attic – XV 90 furnace in attic, installed horizontaly with clean effects air filter. Flex duct is R-8 insulation with metal backed liner.

XL14i heat pump – This unit was a (cut-in) new installation.

Commercial Installs

High-Efficiency heat pump – Twelve 10-ton package heat pumps

Crane lift – 75 ton crane, 5 story building, 10 high efficiency package units.

Package unit – We build all sheet metal transitions at our shop to fit each unit perfectly to optimize the cost, unit efficiency, performance, lifespan and appearance.

What You Should Know

Old Duct Work – Old flex duct will start to crack and fall apart, this is a sign that the duct system needs to be replaced. The outer plastic liner acts a vapor barrier to the out side elements, when this barrier is broken the ducting has lost its efficiency. In order for a unit to be efficient, the duct work has to be efficient. We now replace this ducting with higher insulation Values (R-8) and more durable materials.

Concrete Unit platform – Whenever we replace a unit that is of different size or shape, we always pour a new concrete pad that will last, support the unit properly and represent a professional install.


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