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Available Rebates

Available rebates can be found here! Looking to accomplish your next home project on a budget? Air Tech wants to help. That’s why we offer the best heating and cooling rebates in the industry! Make sure you ask your technician about our available rebates to find ways to save on your heating and cooling upgrades.

What kinds of rebates are available to you as a homeowner? In the current market, the best available rebates come from utility companies offering incentives to upgrade your efficiency. It really is a win-win: more efficient heating and cooling systems create fewer emissions and cost you less on your energy bills every month! Now is the time for you to upgrade to a newer, better AC or heating system.

Some of Our Available Rebate Programs

Here are some of the rebate programs we use to help home and business owners save money on better comfort:

  • SmartAC™- Take control and help your community prevent power interruptions by enrolling in PG&E’s SmartAC program. It’s free and easy… Learn More
  • SmartRate™- Enroll in the SmartRate Summer Pricing Plan where you can save money, gain more control on your summer electric bills and help the environment… Learn More
  • Energy Upgrade California™- Develop a comprehensive plan for making energy-efficient upgrades, and start seeing greater energy savings sooner… Learn More
  • Zero Net Energy Pilot Program- Learn about PG&E’s new program to support California Long Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan’s zero net energy goals for residential new homes… Learn More
  • Energy Savings Assistance Program- PG&E’s Energy Savings Assistance Program provides income-qualified renters and homeowners with easy, free solutions to help manage their energy use and save money on their monthly energy bills… Learn More

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