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Solar Services

You may have seen them on commercial buildings, power plants, or even in your neighborhood! Solar panels are cropping up all over California as more and more people make the switch to this environmentally conscious energy solution. Why is solar heating and cooling technology becoming so much more popular? At Air Tech, we believe in the many benefits of solar energy, and we want every homeowner to consider Air Tech for all of their solar services. Our home performance specialists make heating and cooling your home with solar power simple — call to request a consultation today!

Benefits of our Solar Services

There are more reasons to go solar than you might have thought:

  • Affordability– Did you know that the return on investment for solar panels can happen in as little as 3-6 years? That means that solar panels will literally cover their own cost of installation in the money you’ll save on your energy bills!
  • Efficiency– Not only does solar energy cost significantly less to maintain, it also helps you eliminate waste! Whereas forced air systems tend to lose heat through old ductwork, solar panels are highly effective at retaining all heat so you don’t waste any of it!
  • Safety– Burning fuel creates dangerous byproduct gasses including carbon monoxide (CO). With solar energy, there’s no fuel-burning, no CO, and no risk. Natural energy will make your home safer this year.
  • Job Creation– New energy means new jobs, and since we’d no longer be relying on foreign sources we could start growing our own domestic economy. Whereas foreign fuel sources make the U.S. reliant on other countries for our energy, solar energy is completely self-sustaining!
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint– Of course, let’s not forget the main reason many homeowners in California switch to solar: because it is naturally occurring and limitless, solar energy is clean and produces no carbon emissions. This contributes to the global cause of reversing climate change.

So what are you waiting for? You can have a more efficient, more affordable, and more comfortable house starting this year! Call the Air Tech today for solar services.


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