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El Dorado Hills Heating

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Heating Services in El Dorado Hills, CA

Residential Heating Services in El Dorado Hills, CA.

Winter temperatures in El Dorado Hills, CA can drop to 40 degrees, sometimes feeling as low as the mid-30s due to regular rainfall. To ensure comfort during these chilly months, it’s essential to have a reliable heating system. Don’t wait until the last minute to address your heating needs.

At Air Tech Pros, we bring over 20 years of experience assisting residential and commercial property owners with their heating systems, including furnaces and heat pumps. Contact us for all your maintenance, replacement, and repair requirements to keep your system in optimal condition.

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Preventative Heating Maintenance

While it may seem unnecessary, regular maintenance is crucial, even if your system appears to be functioning well. Without proper maintenance, a minor issue can escalate into a major problem without your knowledge.

Therefore, we recommend scheduling bi-annual maintenance checks as a preventive measure. Our licensed HVAC contractors will thoroughly inspect your unit, identify any concerns, and perform necessary repairs.

During heating maintenance in El Dorado Hills, CA and surrounding areas, our trained technicians will conduct the following preventive tasks:

  • Lubricating moving parts such as the fan
  • Cleaning vents, air ducts, air filters, and system leaks
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger for furnaces or boilers
  • Checking the reversing valve on heat pumps
  • Recalibrating the thermostat and testing CO detectors

Additionally, our Air Tech Pro technicians will perform other tasks specific to the type of heating unit installed in your home.

Heater Repair Services in El Dorado Hills

Waiting until your heating unit completely fails before seeking repairs is not advisable. Recognizing the warning signs of a malfunction between maintenance checks can save you time and money in the long run. Unusual sounds are often indicative of internal components struggling within your heating unit. From a loose blower belt screeching to dry parts grinding against each other, these issues can prematurely deteriorate components, resulting in:

Frequent breakdowns and repairs, as other parts work harder when one component fails
Reduced energy efficiency, due to broken or blocked parts leading to insufficient airflow and limited heat distribution
Higher energy costs, as your system works harder and longer to compensate for faulty parts, resulting in increased energy consumption

Furnace Installation & Replacement

Whether you require heating system upgrades or a completely new heating source, we offer a wide range of options, including:

  • Gas & Electric Furnaces: Gas furnaces utilize nonrenewable gas fuel, while electric furnaces draw energy from your utility grid. Both systems heat the surrounding air and distribute it throughout your home via vents.
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are energy-efficient as they utilize existing warm air and transfer it indoors or outdoors, serving as both heating and cooling systems.
  • Boilers: Boilers distribute hot water to all fixtures in your home and can also utilize steam to heat your living spaces through radiators.
  • Fan Coils: Fan coils consist of fans that draw in indoor air, pass it over heating or cooling coils, and release it back into your home. This system eliminates the need for air ducts, making installation easier.

Need Heating Services? Let Our Experts Help!

From diagnosing issues with your heating system to determining the best unit type for your El Dorado Hills, CA home or business, we have the expertise to address all your HVAC concerns. Trust our heating professionals to assist you. Call Air Tech Pros at 916-538-5385 for a service quote today!

Our team of experts is ready to serve you! To schedule your HVAC service, repairs, or replacement, give us a call at 916-538-5385 or fill out an online request form.

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